the yellow team

our story

in the team we’re all parents and foodwaste is a daily struggle at home, so it was natural to tackle this subject by creating a new gesture for employees / citizens.

After testing a first C2C solution (, the question of the business model to perpetuate our action and have a real impact came up.

The team took advantage of the women in innovation hackaton  (#winov16), organized by Orange and its partners on November, 17th & 18th, 2016 to adapt our service for companies : theyellowfridge was born.

what our founder says about the project

“after 12 years in a big cosmetics company, I decided I wanted to make the world better, not only prettier. mother of 3, I chose a theme close to my heart: foodwaste and a color that symbolises sharing, yellow, and which also reminds me of my sunny childhood.”

Laurence Kerjean

founder & CEO of theyellowfridge

our mission

faced with the scale of foodwaste we decided to take action. Collectively, a piece of quiche or a portion of grated carrots after another, one can contribute to a better society for a planet that lasts. Our mission: revalorise all the food wasted every day in canteens and corporate restaurants for human consumption. By installing and using everyday a yellowfridge, you will be our precious ambassadors; And the more you use theyellowfridge, the more food will be saved and the more impact we have. So don’t wait and adopt a yellowfridge ASAP!




founder, ceo, branding, communication & sales



product & logistic manager



architect - developer


lead developer



legal advisor


Jérôme Ruskin

co-founder of Usbek & Rica, board advisor & explorer of the future


our insurance partner