our service

What does F.a.a.S stand for?

F.a.a.S stands for Fridge as a Service as theyellowfridge is a monthly subscription that offers a full service to reduce foodwaste

What's in ?

by subscribing to theyellowfridge, we'll provide you with everything you need


We take care of the delivery, the installation of the refrigerator as well as its daily cleaning, and the doggy bags (yellowboxes) fitted to your needs

IT solution

theyellowfridge provides the dedicated web application for your caterer and a dedicated chatbot (conversational agent) for your employees

the communication

tool does not create the culture, which is why we help you promote theyellowfridge internally via a continuous communication

CRP measure

each quarter, you receive the exact figure of the impact to be recorded directly in your annual report

how much does it cost?

Make an appointment with us today so that the team can assess your needs and draw up a first estimate

why should you install a yellowfridge?

with theyellowfridge you go beyond fighting foodwaste :

bringing a sense of purpose

An innovative company project that makes sense

motivating your employees

creating bonds and engaging all employees internally

enhancing your branding

and also benefiting your overall company brand