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100% anti-foodwaste

theyellowfridge is exclusively intended for the company’s restaurant and / or employees / customers of this company who wish to share their excess food, which would otherwise be wasted. The company that welcomes theyellowfridge is committed to reducing foodwaste by making available to its employees the excess shares of its company restaurant and / or its meetings, drinks and other services free of charge. The food service provider and the employees participating in theyellowfridge operation undertake to store in theyellowfridge only food suitable for consumption.

100% hygiene

Reducing foodwaste should not be done to the detriment of quality and  basic hygiene rules. The catering service provideris committed to respecting all regulations in force to ensure hygiene as a guarantee and record the details of what’s deposited in the dedicated application. theyellowfridge ensures that the refrigerator is maintained in a good state for the storage of food but can not in any way be held responsible for the conditions of consumption and conservation of food stored.

100% trust

theyellowfridge guarantees  0 Waste in the most secure way possible, to the benefit of the client’s company’s employees. Application usage and registration of all your deposits / withdrawals guarantees exchanges in transparency. Each person sharing food in this refrigerator is committed to include only food suitable for consumption. Each person using this refrigerator is committed to using good judgment about the consumption of these commodities.

100% safe

Users who are sensitive to allergies are committed not to take yellow box that could contain foods likely to trigger those allergies (eg, Nuts, gluten, fruit sea...).

recommended products :

Fruits and vegetables products with no expiry date Dry products (eg biscuits) Products with DLUO (Optimal Use Deadline) even reasonably exceeded. Recognizable by the mention " Best before The ... ", after that date, the only risk is an altered taste or texture. Products with a Deadline Consumption. Recognizable by the words "To consume Before the ... ", must be packed and unopened.

to avoid :

Raw meats, fish and eggs. Beverages opened for more than 24h