my daily action against foodwaste

your corporate answer to foodwaste

how does it work ? 

helping you reduce foodwaste

step 1

unserved food is repurposed into doggybags

step 2

and registered onto the yellowfridge app

step 3

when leaving, any employee in the company can see what's available via the chatbot and help themselves for free for their personal use or to give to the needy

why theyellowfridge?

every year 1/3 of the total food production is wasted while 4mi people do not eat every day.

since the new Grenelle II regulation,  companies must include data on foodwaste and the circular economy in their annual Corporate Responsibilty Report

to help companies comply with this new regulation theyellowfridge brings them its

F.a.a.S = Fridge as a Service.

why yellow ?

yellow like the sun, it symbolyses sharing & it refers to the  ‘yellow coins’ in France , a project supporting children’s care in hospitals

18 million

tons of foodwaste / year in France

3 billion

meals thrown / year in the catering industry

12 to 20

billion € / year of waste